Copenhagen finally gets a good motorhome space

18. November 2020

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Søren Ejsenhardt has been a consultant for the new motorhome site in Copenhagen.
It has taken five years to reach the finish line. Photo: Private.

When the pandemic is under control and you are not hindered by travel restrictions, Copenhagen can offer a new and good offer to motorhome tourists. If it goes well, there could be a whole chain of motorhome pitches.

Søren Ejsenhardt tells His son is director of Copenhagen’s Autocamper Park ApS, which will open the motorhome site Copenhagen Harbor this Easter. He himself is a consultant for the project and an avid motorist. He lives in Switzerland where he is also a goodwill ambassador for Copenhagen.

– Denmark has legislation that stops the establishment of many motorhome pitches. You can stop and slide, but can not have camping-like behavior. There will therefore be many rounds of discussions and dispensations before you can start, he explains. Practice can vary between the municipalities and Copenhagen does not have the most flexible interpretation of the regulations if we understand Ejsenhardt correctly.

– The regulations are used in many places to protect the campsites, he says.

March 31 – Wednesday in the Easter week – the motorhome site Copenhagen Harbor opens its gates to visitors. They will be open until 30 September. Later, they will consider whether it is possible to keep the place open during the holidays during the winter.

Must be quality

The new motorhome pitch will be located in the cruise port north of Copenhagen city center. It only takes 20 minutes to cycle to Nyhavn. A hop-on – hop-off bus will run from the square at 9 am and back at 6 pm. There is also a public bus to Orentkaj where you can take the harbor bus to the city center. The bikes can be brought here for free and the boat runs all day. It is also Metro from Orientkaj. It is not far from the motorhome pitch in Oceanvej 15 (external link) to the harbor bus and metro. Next year, a new road will be built that cuts the distance to the boat and metro to 600 meters, says Ejsenhardt. Google claims the motorhome pitch is located in Oceanvej 1.

The space is marked as a regular parking space. The motorhomes must have a free space between them. Photo: Copenhagen Motorhome Park ApS.

Ejsenhardt is careful to say that they strive for quality in the place. The legislation prevents them from having a shower and toilet in a service building, but there will be an emptying station, water filling, electricity and free wi-fi.

There is a fine line between camping behavior. Therefore, you can not take out the awning, but you can take out your furniture and you are welcome to light the grill if there is no acute ban on open fire. However, everything must be cleared away at night. The place is approved for accommodation, but not for camping.

Ocean grill and tourist information are located at the driveway. Photo: Copenhagen Motorhome Park ApS.

The motorhome space will be unattended, but will have camera surveillance so that you can be safe for the motorhome while you are in the city, Ejsenhardt assures. There will also be sign recognition on the cars that drive in and out as an extra safety measure. The place is also fenced.

The space has until now been a regular car park and is marked for that. The motorhomes will be on every other field so that there is room for 74 motorhomes on the site.

Space can be booked in advance. You will then receive a code that you use to make the barrier go up. All check-in, whether you do it in advance or when you arrive, must be done on the site’s website (external link). The price is 255 DKK / day with everything included.

More offers nearby

At the entrance there is a barbecue restaurant / fast food restaurant that others run. Just outside the square there is a lookout tower, bus stop and about 1.5 km away in Nordhavnen there is both a beach, promenade and several restaurants.

According to Ejsenhardt, there is a need for 500 motorhome places in Copenhagen. They themselves have the ambition to establish up to 200 of these places if this first place is successful.

– We take this quietly and calmly and make no decisions until sometime next year. We do not know if we will move on to other cities in Denmark, but it may well be.

– Switzerland has some of the same legislation as Denmark with legislation that does not recognize that motorists are not campers. It may therefore be possible that the expansion of our concept comes before other cities in Denmark.

Ejsenhardt has for five years worked with bureaucratic and political obstacles to be able to establish this motorhome space. He sends a thank you to Finn who for many years ran the motorhome site at Fisketorvet. His work has prepared the ground for others.

Søren Ejsenhardt has great faith in motorhome tourism as a future form of holiday. He has never seen so many motorhomes as during the pandemic and he thinks this trend will continue. Many new segments have now discovered motorhomes as a form of holiday.

– This is an important form of tourism. It creates turnover in local communities and it is difficult for bureaucrats and politicians in Denmark to understand, Ejsenhardt concludes.

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